Hey there!

I'm a Black writer with a background in creative nonfiction essays, journalism, and marketing. I hold an MA in Nonfiction writing from Ohio University and an MFA in Prose Writing from the University of Washington.

I work on the Narrative team at Outerloop Games on our upcoming release Thirsty Suitors.

My cultural criticism focuses on video games, music, and film and has been featured in a variety of publications. A few recent byline are: Fanbyte, Game Developer, Unwinnable Monthly, Entropy Magazine, Into the Spine, Uproxx, Brevity Blog, Henry Art Gallery, and more.

Currently, I host and produce the podcast called Origin Story which interviews creators across video games, music, film/tv, and literature about their creative journey.

I previously co-created and produced a podcast called The LoonCast which explored death, belief, and the metaphysical.

I'm based in Seattle, Washington.

Let's work together!

Twitter: @3dsisqo

Instagram: @3dsisqo

email: philliprussell422@gmail.com