Hey! I'm Phil.

I'm a Black writer, podcaster, and narrative designer. My work explores the intersections of pop culture with our connections to technology, land, and identity.

Let's find something cool to work on together!

A little about me

I am a Black writer with a background in creative writing, journalism, and marketing. I hold an MFA in Prose Writing from the University of Washington and MA in Nonfiction Writing from Ohio University.

I've worked in the video game industry, SaaS tech startups, academia, and more. My latest work was on the Narrative team at Outerloop Games where I helped write and edit the BAFTA Nominated title, Thirsty Suitors.

My cultural criticism focuses on video games, music, and film and has been featured in a variety of publications. A few recent byline are: Fanbyte, Game Developer, Unwinnable Monthly, Entropy Magazine, Into the Spine, Uproxx, Brevity Blog, Henry Art Gallery, and more.

Watching Myself Die

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement of 2020, I unpacks my own experiences with mortality, Anti-Blackness, and how The Last of Us fails its Black characters.

What is representation but an empty vessel when we fail to fill the interiors with life?"

The Only Black Man in Medina, North Dakota

Originally published in Entropy Magazine, I explore my own reckoning with Blackness and identity while on the quintessential "All-American Summer Road trip."

There is a shame associated with the acknowledgement that sometimes, our fears are intrinsic to our experience, especially if you are Black living in America.

Origin Story Podcast

Origin Story is a conversational podcast that interviews writers, visual artists, musicians, and more about their lives, their work, and what's fueling their creations. Hosted by Phillip Russell and Ben Thorp.

Thirsty Suitors

Can Jala learn to love herself and heal the wounds of her past?

Thirsty Suitors is a BAFTA-nominated surreal story-driven video game which throws turn-based RPG battles, skateboarding, and over-the-top cooking mechanics together in a spicy fusion!


When I'm not writing, I'm taking photos. I'm an avid lover of both film and digital photography, a camera is never too far away from me. Take a look at a collection of photos from around the globe.